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  1. Hey Art,
    My name is Jarrett and I am Jacob Doss’ old youth pastor. I know that Sam is friends with Jacob, but not sure if you know him. Anyways, I live here in Fayetteville and I have 2 projects that i need to finish up (69 cb350 and an 81 cb650). I am also hangin with a couple of U of A guys that may be interested of getting into a cafe project or two. We would love to come check out what you are workin on if you have a chance. If that’s cool, gimme a shout on my cell at 479-313-3543. Thanks

    • Hey Jarrett sounds great, were you referring to Sam Speltz or Sam Morgan? Either way, I’d love to talk to you and check out your bikes. I’ll give you a call at the beginning of next month when I have some new minutes on my phone 😛

  2. I am a past razorback. Wooo pig sooie! I appreciate your creative talent and your mechanical ability. I have a soft spot for a lot of these old bikes to. Keep up the good work I will forward to seeing more of it in the future.

  3. Hey, I’m in Fayetteville and was looking on Craigslist for a bike. I saw both of yours on there and really like what you’ve done. Checked out the blog and REALLY like some of your projects. Wish I could have gotten my hands on that “Sharpie art” project. I’d like to talk to you about a little custom job. I’m looking at picking up a cheap, but functioning 82′ Virago and want to know how much for you to clean it up and put a unique custom touch to it.

    • Thanks for the kind words Alex, much appreciated. The virago is an awesome starting point for a build, chop/ bob/ or cafe. the hidden mono-shock and bolt on sub frame make it very versatile. Unfortunately however to answer your question, the work I do is passion fed, cathartic, and for my own amusement. So I don’t like to work on other’s bikes for money because then it becomes a job for me. I’d be more than happy to sell you my virago for the same price you’d have in one that you bought cheap and had me customize.

      I think of it like paintings, I can’t really get inspired if someone commissions me…maybe someday, but for now I just do the work that I want and hope someone will like it enough to buy the finished product so that I can keep on keeping on.

      I’d recommend coming by my shop and talking about your idea to have a custom bike, I have some things worth mentioning that I don’t have the time to type out. Call me sometime.

  4. i enjoy reading about and looking at your work. i want to buy the next CB you restore. keep at it.

  5. Hey Art
    I am a full time student at the U of A too and Im really into the old CBs and Yamahas.. I have a couple projects I am working on right now and I would love to get your feedback on some stuff.. I have a 79 cb 750L in particular you might be intersted in..

    • For sure, I love to see other’s work! e-mail me some pics or call/text me sometime and I can come check out your stuff or you can come see mine or both.


  6. Hey Art, just found ur blog. Hate to see ur taking off to cali. I’ll miss having u as a local contact. Did some shimming on the carbs for the kz305 bobber and worked out pretty well. Glad to see ur post about being pumped on the xs650. Look forward to seeing it complete when u have a place to work again. Feel ur pain as i am shopless right now myself…


    • Yea it’ll just be for 3 weeks or so. My goal is to sell pretty much everything I have for the trip. Then when I come back I’m going to do that xs650 from the ground up and name it Ashleigh and it will me my daily rider FOREVER!!

  7. Hey Art,
    If you are around tomorrow night (Sunday) you should come to Tribe and eat with us around 5:15 (free) and we always have vegetarian options and vegan options. 651 Clover Street, Los Angeles, CA 90031. Rainy is here. In fact she came on the back of a Harley. I now live in a neighborhood called Silverlake (it is an artist community). I miss Venice, but my new house is amazing and it is closer to Blue’s auditions. Every Tues. night there is a motorcycle group that meets at the Tomato Pie at 8:00 and then goes on a group ride. It is right by my house. Glad you are on a roadtrip.
    love, kim

  8. You’re a genius, kid…keep up the good work. I went to school with your dad…I know where you got your brain cells from. Awesome.

  9. hi ive looked at your dismantled forks for the cb125,can you tell me what the aluminium conical items are called the ones that are bolted from the bottom of the fork,many thanks,also do you know if you can buy them.

  10. I think I’ve been seeing some of your work again on craigslist. I guess that means your shop is operational. I really liked the 79 suzuki and an older honda that I saw the other day. Still looking for an upgrade. Maybe after Christmas I’ll have some “extra” cash. I love what you do.

    • Thanks! Yes you’re quite right, I got a new shop much smaller now but I’m working harder than ever. I have 7 to choose from for sale actually. If you should ever want to meet you know how to reach me!

      Thanks again. I hope to be able to update my page more but I don’t have Internet now and it’s not easy to moderate from my phone…

  11. Hey Art: Are you the guy who sold the two Suzuki two strokes (GT750 and GT185)? If so I’m the guy who bought them. I parted out the 750 because it needed too much to get it running but I’m still fiddling with the 185. Hope it’s a runner soon. Anyway, cool site. Keep up the good work!

  12. Greetings, scoped a bike you have listed on Ebay this afternoon and after further bouncing about got more acquainted with you & your work (hobby). Great vision and execution! PEACE Tom N.Y.C.

    • Hey Tom nice to make your acquaintance! I haven’t updated my “for sale” section for a week or so. It is constantly changing so I’ll do that right now, the WR450, KX60, and KZ200 all sold. But I have a few other things I need to add to it. Too bad you’re so far away I’d love to see your toys!

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