2 comments on “Intake IN THE WAY

    • Thanks Forest. The forks are from a KX80. Early 2000’s I believe. They were NOT easy to fit. A bearing doesn’t exist for the swap so I had to get a bearing that has a 1mm smaller inner diameter and get the stem of the KX triple turned down to receive the new bearing. This removed the threads for the locking nut so I had to cut new threads and make a new nut. Lastly, the stem was too short for the CM200 neck! So I cut the stem in half, machined a lip on each piece, and made an extension the correct (1″) in length plus a machined inner lip so it would press onto the two pieces of the stem. This effectively stretched the stem to the right length. Then the pressed extension was welded in placed for permanence and safety. It was a 5 hour project but I think totally worth it since as far as I know a small inverted front end like this has never been swapped onto a small cafe racer type bike!

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