4 comments on “This should be fun!

  1. Glad to see you are back on the net again. I think I’ve seen some of your bikes around town in the last year and have always pointed them out to anyone I’m with. Doin great work, man!

    • In AR it is simple with any vehicle that is 25 years or older. First I get a BOS for the frame, and one for the motor, assess and insure the bike. Take those four papers to the DMV and they make me sign some paper saying the bike is an antique and not my only form of transportation blah blah blah. 2-6 weeks later a normal old title comes in the mail and under previous title # it says “BOS” TA DA! Who knows how long this will be legal though…for now I’m grabbing all the antique untitled bikes I can! I already got the title in the mail for this XT500. So I know it is still do-able as of a few weeks ago. Thanks for your interest and comments!

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