3 comments on “They grow up so fast…

  1. Hi Great looking CB.

    How did she ruwith pod air filters and no restrictive airbox? I assume you rejetted the carbs to suit. It is the way I am thinking of going withy my 400/4.


  2. It actually ran very well once I properly jetted it. There are a few things to note, first the pods I installed are mini pods, so they are more restrictive than conventional ones. Second it is important to note that due to the way the cb400 carbs are shaped, when you put pods on they will actually run richer! because the airbox boots are longer and allow air to get some velocity into the carbs but pods disrupt that and don’t suck as much air through…It is bizarre I know, but true. So I believe I went 2 sizes down on the pilots, and maybe 1 down on the mains.? I don’t recall but I’m sure I have the details somewhere in this thread further down. Hope this helps!

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